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Character Coaches

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Character Coaches

Okefenokee FCA needs YOUR help!

Our Children, who are our greatest asset and hope for the future, are under attack as never before. We need men and women who love the Lord and who are committed to impact our teams for Jesus Christ through the influence of Athletes and Coaches!


What is an FCA Character Coach?

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

This ancient wisdom still holds true! If anyone knows this, it is the coach. The content of a player’s heart will eventually play itself out in some way. One of the most important roles coaches play in preparing players for competition and life is to give them a chance to develop good character. 

With greater demand for success based on wins and losses Head Coaches have found an FCA Character Coach to be a great asset. Having this designated support personnel allows the Head Coach to stay current with the players’ issues without losing the macro perspective the job requires.


What are the roles of the FCA Character Coach?

Character Coaches could take on a number of different roles, but all of them stem from the role of a servant-leader. Here are some other common ones.

  • Lead and coordinate chapel services.
  • Provide personal care to players, coaches and support staff.
  • Alert the coach to critical issues that could affect his or her program.
  • Be available and equipped at all times to help in crisis situations.
  • Provide training and resources for character development.
  • Pray for, encourage and exhort players, coaches, coaches’ families and support staff.


Who are FCA Character Coaches?

A wide variety of people can serve as a team Character Coach. One need not be a sports ministry professional to faithfully serve and to significantly impact the lives of athletes and coaches. Among those who could serve as a Character Coach are:


  • Christian parents of players in youth sports (school based teams or club sports)
  • Coaches of youth sports teams.
  • Lay leaders in the Church with interest in ministry through sport.
  • Athletic trainers or other support personnel with sports teams.
  • Pastors or other ministry professionals.


How can I become an FCA Character Coach?

FCA wants to provide teams with the best trained, most effective Chaplains that they can, so we have created a process:


How do I get started?

Getting started is easy.

1. Begin by praying and and then contact:

 Toby Crews
 Okefenokee FCA
 Area Director
 Cell: (912) 281-9510


2. Complete a MLA (Ministry Leadership Application).

3. Visit the FCA Resources website for resources.

4. Meet other Character Coaches in your area.

5. Maintain ongoing communication with FCA staff for planning, prayer, resources, etc…